Jonathan Senecal

Talented technological solution architect and project manager located in Montreal

My personal mission is to make things, fix stuff and help others... I just happened to love working with high tech stuff so it became my area of expertise.
I am a detail oriented and challenge driven person with over 10 years of experience in telecommunications, server infrastructures and carrier-grade network design & build so let's talk about how I could help you achieve what you dream of.

Personal Info


Infrastructure Design

Telecommunications, server infrastructures and carrier-grade network design & build have no secrets for me.

Agile Software Development

Bleeding edge software technologies have also become parts of my toolset to create powerful and unique infrastructures.

My Resume


Network engineer – Mindgeek

April 2020 – Now

Working with a team of network gurus, I manage, automate and scale Mindgeek's network footprint to allow for continued growth and performance.

Key achievements:
  • Initiated and managed Network automation projects to provide new methods, solutions and improvements on existing services and infrastructure;
  • Managed and improved business critical systems to allow Mindgeek to improve efficiency and reliability of their network deployment;

Head of Research and Developpement – Connect it Networks

February 2017 – April 2020

Improved business critical processes and related infrastructure to support cloud based connectivity and telephony services.

Key achievements:
  • Reviewed and analyzed existing applications effectiveness and efficiency, and then developed strategies for improving or leveraging these systems;
  • Researched and made recommendations on both hardware and software products and services in support of procurement and development efforts;
  • Provided technical direction and best practices to be followed by the team;

Director of technology –

August 2017 – September 2018

Responsible for the restructuration and scalability of everything related to technology I allowed ZAP to reach their next milestone in growth.

Key achievements:
  • Managed and improved business critical infrastructure providing services to 100k+ end users;
  • Restructured the business processes to enable ZAP to be more agile in its deliveries;
  • Performed a cloud migration for some business critical systems;

Director, Networking, Systems and Infrastructure – EBOX inc.

Dec 2016 – May 2017

Responsible for the restructuration and scalability of everything IT,
I had to ensure the systems and network would survive it and support an IPTV deployment at scale.

Key achievements:
  • Lead the team responsible for the construction of a new data center;
  • Redesigned the core network infrastructure to offer value added services based on MPLS technologies running on Juniper MX and ACX series routers;
  • Designed an authentication and access control system for a client subscription and access management service designed to allow for extreme scalability;

Director, Research and Developpement – Pre2Post Inc. / ZEROFAIL

Mar 2015 – Dec 2016

Thorough my time as Director of R&D at ZEROFAIL I designed a complex Network Operations and Business Support System and led initiatives to improve solutions and services.

Key achievements:
  • Initiated and managed Research and development projects that provided new methods, solutions and improvements on existing services;
  • Managed and improved business critical systems to allow ZEROFAIL to reach higher levels of efficiency and enabled new sources of revenue;
  • Designed and led the development of a complex Network Operations and Business Support System leveraging technologies such as Graph Databases and Python's 3.5 asyncio;
  • Designed and built domain specific electronic and mechanical systems to help field technicians with their duties.

Director, Network Management Group / Network and systems administrator / Tech. Support
Pre2Post Inc. / ZEROFAIL

May 2008 – Mar 2015

I started at ZEROFAIL in the Technical support department where I quickly learnt my ways through the different systems of the company. I became someone people would rely uppon to help fix issues, the simple and the complex ones.

Later on, as the Director of the Network Management Group at ZEROFAIL I designed and built a very extensive MPLS network accross Canada and the north of USA along with the most extensive private wireless network in the metropolitain area of Montreal.

Key achievements:
  • Managed and planned the deployment of a very complex MPLS network leveraging a wide range of hardware from Juniper;
  • Implemented and managed business processes to allow for greater operations efficiency;
  • Lead teams consisting of many ad-hoc technicians working in many departments.
  • Operated and managed a very large number of customer's internal network infrastructures using Cisco, HP, DELL, Juniper and Arista switches and firewalls;
  • Managed multiple companies IT infrastructures composed of many workstations and physical/virtual server environments based on Windows Server technologies as well as RedHat and Debian based Linux Distros;
  • Configured servers and network devices to grow the hosting infrastructure;
  • Offered an outstanding technical support to the customers.


Computer Science Degree, Network specialization – College Montmorency

2003 – April 2008

I successfuly completed all the classes in the program without any issues or fallouts.
Furthermore, the domain specific classes were all completed with grades way above the average. I was the best student of the cohort in that program.